BmDodo Strategic Design Makes Prestigious Design Calendar

BmDodo Strategic Design is among an elite group featured in a 2006 calendar showcasing the work of the province’s top graphic designers.

Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario produces a calendar each year featuring what they deem to be the most creative, attractive and effective commercial logos created in the province during the previous year.

Among the cream of the 2005 crop is a logo created by BmDodo Strategic Design of Kingston.

The logo, designed for Kingston-based environmental engineering firm Aureus Solutions Inc., is one of just 108 logos chosen out of thousands of submissions.

“We were surprised when we found out that it would be part of the calendar,” says BmDodo president Brian Dodo. “We feel honoured, considering that the other firms who were chosen are some of the best in the province. The fact that our tiny company was included among them is exciting for us.”

The Aureus logo is among nine featured on the calendar’s December page.

Copies of the calendar are available through the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario website, You can also order them through Dodo

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